Copic holder

Just a quick post to show my new invention for holding copics.  I had a container which was perfect, but ran out of run as my colors grew.

This is an old 11x14 frame with a cut egg crate (lighting fuser from Home Depot).  I saw something similar on another post but they built a huge wooden frame and made the egg crates 3 layers deep.  I didn't find that necessary. As you can see, I have plenty of room to grow.  The bottom row of copics keeps the frame at a nice angle.  I'm sure this will work for awhile until I find the next best thing.  This only cost $10 for the egg crate that was a HUGE piece which I only used a tiny corner.  (If I had been patience, I'm sure I could've found a scrap somewhere free...haha) I wish some of my copic friends lived near buy so I can share.  The copic holders in stores are costly.  No, it's not portable, but I rarely take them with me.  I'm a happy girl right now.

11x14 frame


  1. Wow! That sure does hold a lot of Copics. Looks like you have some empty spots. Does that mean time to go buy more?!?! :)

  2. Yep! time to buy more you have to fill it - don't you?

    Clever invention, don't know what you mean by egg crate, our eggs are bigger than that LOL.

  3. Good on you. However I am not sure what an egg crate is either.

  4. Wow, Cely! Brilliant!
    Hope you fill it up quickly!


  5. What a great idea. I store mine in several of the Copic black fabric holders. Hope you have a great weekend.

  6. Oh my goodness I love this! Going to pin - hopefully I can get someone to make it for me.


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