Cure for the ills.....

(Stella Says Sketch)
at Catch the Bug

If chicken soup doesn't help, how about a Hot Tottie!  Showing my age, when I was young and sick, many moms, including mine, would give us a heaping teaspoon of paregoric or a swig of whiskey and honey.  It's a wonder we lived to tell it.  Paregoric is illegal to distribute in today's society and giving alcohol to a minor would give a parent a trip to the "pokey".  OK...we also didn't have seatbelts, crib standards. Do you remember mercurochrome  and merthiolate?  Oh my God...they both had mercury in them and are now banned.  Yup...it's a wonder we old folks, who were young folks, are still alive.

I hired Kitchen Chicken-Soup from Bugaboo Stamps to bring this little card of mine alive.  Join us at Catch The Bug for Sketch Challenge #107.

That's a real, working wooden spoon in my kitchen

Spoon: my svg
Stitching, and copics
Chicken wire rubber stamp...not SU, but no name on it


  1. Lol, I remember those days. My grandmas favorite cure was giving me a small glass of hot wine while I was soaking in a hot bath. It did work on my colds so maybe there's something to the old ways.... Love your card. That image is so cute and I love the chicken wire background and the fun stitching!

  2. This is just so cute. I love love love your chicken cards. I remember the last one you did too they are just so darn fun. Your Story is hilarious. I remember my English teacher in high school always talking about whiskey and chicken soup to cure a cold. Lol That's what he would tell his students to try when we would come to class with our sickies. Too funny. Now days they would probably arrest him and it wasn't even that long ago. I think I like those days better anyway... More relaxed.

  3. Very darling! Love thte bright colors together and the chicken wire!

  4. What a wonderful card! It really should do the trick. But I had to laugh at your post. It's so true about the differences between our childhood and today.

  5. This recipe would definitely perk up the sickie LOL! Yes, it is amazing the things we did years ago!

  6. Gosh that was a trip down memory lane. You do write interesting and funny articles that relate with your creations. And what a clever and fun get well card. Great detail just adorable.

  7. I well remember the days before 'health and safety' took over our lives, and I am still here to tell the tale LOL. I love your card, tht image is so sweet :o)
    Jackie xx

  8. Aaaah super take on that sketch and yes I remember all those 'cures' and am still here, couldn't have been all that bad LOL!

  9. super cute Cely!
    I sooo need a chicken wire rubber stamp!
    enjoy your weekend hun!

  10. Oh this is just beyond cute!!! Love it!!

  11. Wonderful get well card, could have used this one today... Need to get some into my collection!


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