A House Divided


If you are from my "neck of the woods" you understand the term defined by the love/hate relationship between the University of South Carolina and Clemson University.  My son and DIL are just that!  She is a Clemson graduate and my son, though a Citadel graduate, is a die-hard USC supporter.

I made the college logos and their initials with vinyl for these thermal cups for each of them but forgot to take a picture.  They were kind enough to take some pictures, although they thought the cups were much to close to each other...lol  (The USC colors are garnet and black but the pic made the garnet look reddish-orange.  Clemson is orange.)

NOTE for Cameo users: be sure after using vinyl and returning to paper that the control panel has a "dot" beside LOAD MAT and not beside LOAD MEDIA.  Mine did not automatically reverse back like it should.  A quick call to the company, excellent help and I was up and running correctly again.  Wonderful wonderful wonderful customer service!!!


  1. Great job on these. (Poor DIL is probably hiding her's right now.)

  2. Very fun...I have never tried cutting vinyl...soon I hope! Where do you buy cups like this?

  3. LOL! Things hard to understand. Imagine, my BIL is Boston Red Sox and his girlfriend is New York Yankee, kind of hard.


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