Kitchen Complete "Before and After"

Still a few touch-ups to complete, now for the clean up and all the dust!!!
Where it all began with wood rot from drip

a mess and a half

getting down on the ground and dirty...where dog fell in or should I say "down"

Don still trying to stay positive

hole is fixed...yippee!!!!

beginning on new floor...centering and leveling is EVERYTHING!!

half way though flooring...doorways are really hard!

complete floor...heading to sunroom...hole was on left side

hole where you see dishwasher and refrigerator

headed to powder room

another angle

one last picture...getting weird shadows

WE ARE STILL MARRIED AFTER ALL OF THIS....TIRED, SORE, A FEW INJURIES (broke toe and dog falling through floor, husband with lots of cuts and bruises, but STILL MARRIED!!!


  1. It looks beautiful! two thumbs up for you guys. Hope the toe is better!

  2. WOW! Another Cely Masterpiece!! It's beautiful!
    So glad to see you back in Blogland: missed you!

  3. Oh Cely it looks fantastic.... Glad yall are still Married Lol

  4. Cely, it looks absolutely fabulous! Good for you guys to still be married...lol! I totally understand what you are talking about though! Have a wonderful weekend, hope you get some crafting in!

  5. looks great & if you two can get thru that mess, you are good!

  6. Oh wow, it looks fabulous! I can't believe you broke a toe! And poor doggie! Congrats on finishing it up... My fave photo and caption is "Don still trying to stay positive." Teehee..

  7. Hi Cely,

    your kitchen looks great, I can imagine it must have been a rough time but look at the result you two accomplished...and still married ;-)


    Lins x

  8. Oh my!! It sure was no small work!... the floor is gorgeous! I love those honey hues. Great job, loved the "still married" part... ;-)

  9. I hate those kinds of projects! It looks great! I bet the dog is glad it's over too!

  10. It is beautiful.
    But the best part, you are still married.
    That is worth 10,000 kitchens.

  11. That looks like quite the work, but it's so worth it in the end. The result is fantastic! What a great husband you have :)

  12. CONGRATS on making it through all that mess. I would of gone crazy especailly because I spend 1/2 the time in the kitchen and my craft room. Btw you have a lovely home and my jaw dropped when you said SunRoom, I've always wanted one but here CA homes are not made that way :( I hope your doggie was ok....LOL poor baby :)


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