Carolina Girl (Cely)
Taking a break today...sick....have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. helloholley Says:

    Too cute,CELY!!! I hope you feel better soon!!

  2. What a cute card. Sorry you are under the weather. Feel better soon

  3. Deloris Says:

    Hope you feel better soon!

    Love your get well card!

  4. *CAFE Says:

    Love the card! Sorry you're ill! I just sent you an email asking how you were, and then came here! Doh!!!
    Feel better soon, Cely!!

  5. Celeste Says:

    Hope you feel better soon... LOVE this card.

  6. Hey lady... feel better! We'll miss you while you're out! How sad that you had to make your own get well card... but it sure is cute!

  7. Jackie Says:

    Brilliant card, I hope you are soon feeling much better :o)
    Jackie xx

  8. Melissa Says:

    Cely - I hope you feel better soon! I have a blog award for you when you feel up to it. I just love all your cards and your svg files. Thanks for all your hard work and for being so generous to share!!!!

  9. Linda Kaiser Says:

    Get well soon! Love your card and your site!

    Linda K

  10. Debra Says:

    Sorry your not feeling well, I love your card it made me smile! Thanks and feel better soon :)

  11. Bummer for you Cely!!! Hope you feel better soon. Sometimes we all need a little down time...Take care of yourself. Hugs, rockin robin c

  12. Camila's Mom Says:

    Hope you feel better soon! Love the card and glad your sense of humor is still shining through :)!!!!

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