Carolina Girl (Cely)
I plan to show "before and after" pics of the project by end of week if I have the strenght to crawl to the computer.  I'll be swinging the pneumatic hammer this morning and for the next 3 days...if I'm lucky that's all.   This really wasn't a project but a disaster that occurred in our kitchen from a leak in the ice maker pipe that we didn't know we had. Now you see why I've had trouble posting cards and svgs lately.

So far, no granite has broken !

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  1. Oh NO!!! Last week it was your husband's sledge hammer, now the pneumatic hammer! My Goodness, you're becoming a force to reckon with!
    Wow the mess an innocuous little drip can cause!
    Just a tip: run a line of 2" painter's tape along the edges of your counters to protect them from scratches and chips.

  2. Lorie Says:

    Oh, my goodness! I guess that is one way to get to "redo" your kitchen. Maybe take some Advil before you start? Good job not breaking any granite yet!

  3. Good luck! Can't wait to see the AFTER... Be careful tho...

  4. Eeeek!!!! good luck with the fixin... gosh that is annoying - unplanned projects are not ever fun!

  5. Thienly Azim Says:

    Oh my! That is a big job! I guess your kitchen is probably going to look really nice though when it's done! Don't push yourself too hard, and hope that you have some time soon to sit and relax doing crafting on the computer soon :)

  6. Angela Says:

    Never a dull moment.

  7. I feel for you we had a leak from the dishwasher so I know what you are going thru. Good luck and consider a day at the spa when all is done.

  8. Linda Kaiser Says:

    I am so sorry! Yikes. Last year our washing machine leaked and flooded our basement. I know what kind of effort it took to clean it up and I wish you the best. Good luck.


  9. Faith Says:

    Oh my! My jaw dropped when I read this post. We discovered ANOTHER pinhole leak in our ice-maker line a couple days ago after we noticed several soft spots in the floor. This happened twice at another place we lived and now twice here. Since we can't get to the repairs until next week, we laid the plywood down over the floor so we can at least safely walk through the kitchen. How in the world do those pinholes happen? The teeny spray of water sure wreaks huge havoc!!

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