Autumn Glass Block

I love that you can now buy a glass block that already has the hole in it.  So quick and easy!

I have a glass block for Christmas.  These blocks make wonderful personalized gifts.  This block is for ME!  haha  I'm going to put the same wording on the other side or maybe "Autumn Blessings" and use as the centerpiece for the dining table on Thanksgiving.  I have $9 invested in it.

made the words in Silhouette, Fall Colored lights $1.50, decoration on top was $1.50, burlap cloth was $3, left over ribbon from a gift, glass block $4.25


  1. fantastic autumn project Cely

    gr karin

  2. You are so very clever! It's gorgeous!

  3. Gorgeous block Cely! I have made several of these, just not one for fall! Love the burlap on the inside to hide the lights!


  4. Cely that is just gorgeous, I LOVE the colours!

  5. WOW, what a great idea for an autumn table decoration, Cely. This is really spectacular!

  6. Oh I need one of these glass blocks but they always seemed too pricey in stores (fully decorated of course). Guess I decorate it myself and could as you do, use for different seasons. Super project!

  7. So, asking again, is this in front of an outlet - to hide the electrical cord? I'm assuming you're using the little Christmas lights you can find at any store. Also, you mentioned one with coffee beans - did you ever make? And what's inside - other than the lights, that don't catch fire? Sorry for all the questions. Don't even know if I'll find time to make one, but I'd like to!


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