Carolina Girl (Cely)
I showed the glass I did for my youngest son's I will show you mine....same thing except I used a lime green and MY name...haha

Liking the green
Kept my name simple

7 Responses
  1. I love these! So cute and very practical.

  2. Jackie Says:

    Just as fabulous as the other one :o)
    Jackie xx

  3. Love it, you are so creative!

  4. Alice Says:

    I love that green too! and the sexy shoe!!

  5. Cool drinking glasses! I love what you've done with them. I also love the design of your blog. Fantastic!

  6. Just as nice, and it'll look so festive when you drink red wine!! :)

  7. NanaConnie Says:

    Both of these wine time glasses are fantastic, Cely! Wish I was out there to share with both of you. :-D

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