Carolina Girl (Cely)
..........such wonderful day has been yucky and this made it seem a so much better!
The message from Mary Giemza from Copic Creations read:
Once again, we were blown away again by all the amazing entries for our last challenge!   Thank you ALL for joining us. We’ve selected one of our favorites for this week’s “In the Spotlight” designer:
This awesome creation from Carolina Girl of  Creating in Carolina    . .  
 Truly gorgeous coloring Carolina!!    I’ll be in touch with the code for our In The Spotlight blinkie.
12 Responses
  1. Deloris Says:

    Congratulations! Your card is gorgeous.

  2. Nati Tristan Says:

    What a beautiful card!

  3. Myrna Says:

    Great card.

  4. Celeste Says:


  5. *CAFE Says:

    WOOHOO!!!! Congratulations, girl! That is a rockin' coloring job!

  6. Dawn B. Says:

    VERY VERY happy for you.. Hope you continue to wow us.. Have a better day tomorrow..

  7. that is a beautiful card, one of my favorites. congrats Cely!

  8. Thienly Azim Says:

    OMGosh! That is a beautiful card! Your work is fantastic! Congratulations, girl!

  9. Debbie Says:

    Congratulations, Cely. Your work is always fabulous. You just need to believe it!

  10. Lynn Says:

    congrats! you so deserve it. It know what you mean about yucky days! This has been one for me also. Glad this mad your day better.

  11. Jo Says:

    What a beautiful card! Congratulations!!!

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