Carolina Girl (Cely)
I have the cutest little older couple that lives next door.  They are Jewish and are having a special event at their synagog next Sunday.  She baked some wonderful Mandel Bread which is like biscotti, but better! I asked her if I could "jazz up" the presentation by adding a little cover for each bag.  She agreed.  I stayed in keeping with blue and white as she requested.  I told her "I work for food".  She's a great cook.  She's the one that made me a Bavarian Chocolate Roll to die for!!!  She was born in Czechoslovakia and he in Germany during the Holocaust time.  Their parents were able to get the "children out".  The stories are amazing to listen too. are the covers for the bread bags.

7 Responses
  1. Celeste Says:

    Oh wow Cely these are wonderful.... Love them

  2. They are beautiful. She's very lucky to have such a talented neighbor.

  3. Christine Says:

    So nice. Doesn't it feel good when you do something nice for someone?

  4. Jackie Says:

    They look great :o)
    Jackie xx

  5. Nati Tristan Says:

    These are wonderful!

  6. Lynn Says:

    Yum, sounds good. You did a great job. I know she appreciated it and you probably have some wonderful goodies coming. lol

  7. *CAFE Says:

    Oh, wow.....these turned out fab-u-lous!

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