Kitty News......freebie svg

        Here's the kitty that was with the doggie in our local newspaper.  I didn't include the 2 white dots on the eyes....just use a white pen and save yourself the trouble....haha  And, you certainly don't need to cut out the green box; it's just for illustration.  (I happen to have the right size hand circle punch for the black part; anything to save a little time).  The kitty is about 3.25x3.25  I separated the pieces for you.

        I'm still working on my cards....too pretty a day yesterday to stay inside.  I also had to fine shoes for the dress for my son's wedding....I hate shoes and totally a "dits" to picking out shoes that look stylish so I drug my friend with me for professional help.....she's a shoe horse.

Download:  cat kitten   (svg)
This will be available for 5 days...enjoy!


  1. He is equally as cute as the dog....but you know me....I'm all about the dog! hahaha!

  2. ohhhh I love this kittie


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