Planting A Seed.... (+ freebie)

...of Friendship.....(inside) Reaps a bouquet of Happiness!  This is a card I made while at the beach.  The image is a Mo Manning called Sprout...it was in the "Help for Katie" collection and is not in store, but she has wonderful images at her store, Digital Pencil Too.
       I wanted to show you the difference  lighting can make on a card, but you already know that since you do cards too. It's a little frustrating..not only do I want to make fun and/or pretty cards, but I must be a professional photographer to exhibit my cards and not attract to the tiny flaws....haha

INSIDE: just picked one of my pansies (5x5 card)  Copic markers

OUTSIDE: sitting in my pot of pansies sitting on my front steps

The 5 day freebie is an svg I made this morning looking at an old 1880 brass oil lamp.  ( I stretched  it to fit better on my pending card....you can make it thinner again if you wish in SCAL or MTC.) Writing is in another language with diamond shape for O's in the words....humm

Download: old brass oil lamp  (svg)
(Note:  unless you make the lamp larger, omit the little piece that looks like a ladder)


  1. Your card is just the sweetest thing ever. Can't even imagining taking pictures outside right now here. So glad it's that warm in your neck of the woods.

  2. Thanks for the oil lamp! It came at a perfect time as I'm starting a heritage scrapbook. Can't wait to cut it out.

  3. Hi Carol!
    It' s so cute. I love the card, and the colors too, of course. Thanks so much for giving me inspirations. Hugs.

  4. your card is fabulous.love it

  5. Love your card. Thanks for the cut file!

  6. Hi you said.. you wanted me to include the copic numbers... I will do that... but I must say, I have seen your work and you girl or NO NOVICE !!! Your work is beautiful! :)

  7. Wonderful card, Cely. I love how you added the the lattice with the vine on the side. Great idea. Thank you also for the freebie. what a cool lamp.

  8. Thank you for the lamp. All of your work is awewome

  9. Darling card! Love that image!


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