Carolina Girl (Cely)
       I always have a little trouble with layouts using blocks.  There's usually not much room left to add embellishments.  In this case I had the blocks straight and centered, then I dropped some by mistake and decided I like them better skewed as when they fell.....go figure!  My inspiration came from Rae Ann at Bugaboo Stamps, Catch The Bug. The Bunny Blocks came from Bugaboo Stamps. Right now, I don't have a challenge to add them, but if Catch the Bug has a new challenge on Saturday that will qualify it, then I'm jumping on it....haha  ( PS I forgot to color the noses, so I went back after taking the pic and fixed them, but I left two other cards without the colored noses...sorta liked that too.  The background was done in PSE).

stitching, buttons, embellishments, MS punches, McGill label punch, Colorbok paper

11 Responses
  1. Deloris Says:

    What a darling card! Love it!!!!!

  2. Celeste Says:

    Love your card... It is absolutley adorable.

  3. Myrna Says:

    This is a really sweet card. Love the style.

  4. Such a cute card - love the movement!

  5. Nati Tristan Says:

    super super cute cely! wonderful card!

  6. Maria Matter Says:

    oh this is too cute Cely! love the bunny blocks and the way you staggered them...very cool!
    hugs & blessings!

    I think Baby Buds restocked Daisy already if you want to grab that little cutie!

  7. I agree the off the center look of the blocks make them stand out. love the color combo too! great card.

  8. Debbie Says:

    These stamps are super cute. Your "inspiration" to tilt them was genius! It's such a lovely and fun card, Cely. I'm sitting here smiling as I'm typing this and it's almost 3:30 am and I should be in bed, but I'm here with this goofy smile on my face. Thanks for sharing. Have a bright and blessed weekend.

  9. *CAFE Says:

    Awesome job! Great color combo!

  10. Debbie Says:

    Hi again, Cely. OK, today I went to Bugaboo and purchased the stamp set. I was so dry yesterday, trying to come up with an idea for and Easter card for the college kids I send to. I think I'm going to have to case your card. The few stamps, I'd bought are just too small ;- ) I've always used tiled images on my teen bulletin board (though getting DH to hang them that way is always a challenge, he's in the tech field), but it's perfect for them. Thanks again for your great inspiration and support.

  11. Spyder Says:

    ohoo I have these little images, (thank you for reminding me!) Lovely card, thankq for the visit, go on, have a go at Spot the difference! I have people just emailing with justone or two differences and are sooo pleased they've managed that! while others have found at least 20 which aren't even there..such fun !!

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