Thank You card for son.....

        .....to send out.  Yup, my son had some thank you cards to send.  He says, "Mom, your cards are too girly.  I need a few thank you cards that say "This is a man sending this card". (I use the word "man" loosely in this post .... haha)  Something quick and something manly ... not "for" a man, but being sent "by" a man.  He's satisfied with this quickie, man card....great....another satisfied customer!


  1. Like these, Cely. I may have to case them for my 19 yo man. So far I can get him to make his own digital cards though. He just grabs a digi from the internet, usually something from Nintendo and waah la he's done. I have no idea how that is spelled ;-~ Have a great day. At least it's warm by you. cold here, but we missed the snow, for a day. Didn't get the 12in they got up north!

  2. Too funny...so that's what I'm doing wrong...I've been trying to convince my 15yo son to write the thank yous for his birthday for two weeks now...I'll bet if I make him some 'manly' cards, he'll be more comfortable doing it! Here's hoping that I have some time to craft this weekend!

  3. Nice job! Definitely "man-worthy"!

  4. Great card, does what it says on the front!

  5. HA! I read your post and thought of my 9-year-old! He's constantly asking me when I'm going to make stuff for boys! Apparently, this is only the beginning and I have a long way to go...
    Guess it's another excuse to shop for supplies, no?


  6. this is a great design! Perfect for a man to send out! well done!


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