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I will post a project later this morning, but I have a few things to share with you.

I have discovered a very talented person when I was surfing for a particular image.  His name is Andy Bauer.  His blog is Art by Andy Bauer (blog) or Art By Andy Bauer.  Andy's freebie download is HERE.  Andy is a freelance digital artist as well as a Flash animator.  He specializes in cartoon-style vector illustrations ideal for print. He's not familiar with our card world, ladies and gentleman.  Can you believe it!  He has so many cool images.  He's new to giving freebies so be patient with this nice newbie.  Below are two images you may like to have.  Please drop by his blog, maybe pick up an image, and leave a "hello" comment.

2nd -  I have followers who leave questions and nice comments, but I have no way of contacting them if they follow under "hide".  If you have chosen that option and you have a question, you need to write me using my email (found under my profile) instead of leaving a question in the "comment box".  I hate it when I can't answer someone's questions because I don't have their email.  I start thinking that "they" think I am rude for not responding....haha   I'll move my email to the front page on left sidebar.

3rd - My 2 cents regarding Provo Craft.   I'm amazed and disappointed that some people think that if we have SCAL that we can steal cartridge images....not true, no no no no no.  How many people buy a Verizon or ATT cell phone only to have to replace the power cord or car charger cord at some point?  99% of people generally replace it with a cheaper brand, NOT the Verizon or ATT brand, but these companies tell you too use theirs for the best service. However, they don't disconnect you if you don't.  They are still glad you are using their services and product.  How many of you Provo Craft Cricut users have HP printers?  Do you always use HP paper?  HP says their ink and paper is the best match for their printer, but they know they are "blowing in the wind" if they dictate for us to use only their stuff. HP knows that they are happy selling the machine and sometimes their ink and paper.   PC should be happy that I sometimes buy their cartridges and I HAVE to buy their pads and blades.  I have sent them 5 polite, politically correct letters explaining my disappointment.  Not one letter of response.  I have written 3 different companies this week regarding their product.  I want you to know I heard back from them within the day.  I wrote a polite, complaint and concern a while back to 3M (Scotch) about their quick dry glue.  PRETTY BIG COMPANY!  I heard back from them that day, and they sent me a new bottle to try.  I wasn't even asking for a bottle.  THAT'S good business and customer service.  NOTHING from Provo Craft and they are NOT bigger than 3M.  I will not be replacing my Cricut Expression with another from PC when it dies.  First time cutting machine customers have asked me which machine to buy.....I do not recommend Provo Craft machines.  I'm small potatoes compare to some bloggers, but many of the BIG following bloggers feel the same way and we support each other. I even told Provo Craft I have loved my Expression since the day I bought it, but when it's gone, it's gone and I will not replace it with any of their machines if they continue with the lawsuit.  Provo Craft has forced me to choose.  Again, I'm small potatoes, but I can part with them and feel good about my choice.  Ahhhhh, choices....I love America!

One last note:  With ALL the plastic PC uses to make the cartridges, they really don't make all that much profit as some people think.  But, the cartridges ARE expensive and their developers need to rethink how they can make the cartridges cheaper and offer to the consumer.  How many years's obvious.....they aren't interested!

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  1. Kraftychick Says:

    I agree with you TOTALLY!! I really think PC is shooting themselves in the foot on this issue. I do understand that MTC was actually providing the ability to "copy" the PC carts - not appropriate - but SCAL doesn't have anything to do with the PC carts and I keep buying carts SO leave my SCAL alone!!! I may have to switch over to another die cutting machine over this!
    Thanks for listening!


  2. Jackie Says:

    You've said it all Cely, I agree with every word of it!
    Jackie xx

  3. Kimberly Says:

    I agree's retarded their way of thinking...i still bye carts and use their mats and such but there are just a few cutting files i see that i can't get and use my scal.....what are they thinking, chopping off their nose to spite their face....TFS!

  4. I agree and posted about the boycott on my blog too. Here is the link: Have a great day Cely!

  5. Well said Cely! I am right there with you, I feel so disappointed because I DO LOVEEEE my cricut, I feel I have been loyal to their brand, but I feel SCAL is no different that the examples you mention, I hope that PC comes down from their high throne and come back to the little people that love their product and just want to have a good time crafting.

  6. *CAFE Says:

    Thanks for the link to Andy's site, Cely!
    You've made some well-stated points on PC, too! So nice to be able to have a voice, but when that voice falls on deaf ears it is very fristrating! While you say you are "small potatoes", keep in mind that many "small potatoes" sure do add up to a heaping mountain! :0)

  7. I so agree and wrote about the same on my own blog. I just think this a real bad mistake and have already started researching alternative cutters knowing that my expression has been subjected to heavy use for several years and will likely give up the ghost soon.

  8. LUV2SCRAP Says:

    I agree on the PC issue I'm on one income but do my best to buy cartridges,blades,mats etc..I did opt to buy a new machine and now am the proud owner of the Silhouette SD. Still in the learning process and still trying to use my MTC & SCAL but so far love my new baby. It is way smaller and not heavy at all. I too will use the 2 cricuts I own till they die and than donate my carts. Such a sad sad move by PC.

  9. Lynn Says:

    I agree with you regarding PC 100%

  10. Debbie Says:

    The whole PC thing has bee so frustrating. I think it was prompted by them being purchased by Bank of America. They just don't understand what type of sharing, small and helpful community the crafting community is. Bank of America just thinks like Big Business Wall Street and all they care about is the bottom line. I have no knowledge, but I've seen it happen when companies have been bought before and the people who work there get caught in the middle by the "new way of thinking and doing business." I agree with you, Cely. SCAL was part of the deal that made the difference in my buying the Cricut over the competition. I have tons of carts, as well as DS and the gypsy and the Imagine and I'm not big on spending money. I look for excellent deals and save hard for these purchases. We are a one paycheck family. My husband sold some of his old stereo equipment to be able to buy the Imagine. I think they will learn that this was a bad business move. Time will tell. Have a great weekend, Cely!

  11. Debbie Says:

    Oh I forgot to mention Andy's designs after I got all wound up on the PC thing. (It does it to me :-( I think he's designs look great. Thanks for "discovering" him and turning us on to him.

  12. Karen Says:

    Agree 100% Provocraft may be marketing geniuses, but they revealed their economic ignorance. I own 2 Cricuts, CDS, SCAL2 and MTC. The last cartridge I bought was only a couple months ago, despite having a multitude of other options. But alas, I have spent my last dollar on ANYTHING Provocraft. I'm currently shopping for my next die cutting machine. I'll use the Cricut with the carts until it dies (excuse the pun), but I won't be helping their "bottom line" anymore, since that is apparently ALL they care about. Power to the people!!!

  13. S Glup Says:

    AMEN SISTER!!! Couldn't of said it better;0) I feel the same way and need to also write you say we're small potatoes, but we have a right to be heard, whether they listen or not is a big question...I bought the Imagine, so won't be getting rid of anything anytime soon, but WILL NOT be replacing my E either, if it unfortunately breaks...I would of never bought SCAL if it wasn't for my Expression, but now feel the opposite;0)and will be looking for a different machine to work with my SCAL one day;0)...PC's loss and I think in the end they're going to realize they made a BIG mistake!!

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