Carolina Girl (Cely)
I did another "magic window card" and this time paid more attention to the measurements and did very best to try to give you some instructions.  One particular part is hard to explain on paper so I did a little video on that section.  I also did another video on the completed card.  I used Sassy Devil Girl from Bugaboo Stamps.  I did two with the image in the "center" and one with the image toward the "top" of the card.  I'll save one for another day on Catch The Bug.


Step 1:
8.5 x 5.5 base cardstock (I chose black)
Turn it on longest side and score 1/2" on both edges; put a sharp crease on both scores and close card

Step 2:
With card closed, I place a 3" scallop circle template on the center of card and "taped lightly to hold it in place"
I then opened up the card and placed my punch over the scallop and punched out "one" side. Next, I closed the card again, took the 3" scallop template and placed it back in the exact location of the punched area and made sure it was taped on the other side where I needed to punch.  Open up the card and punch the other side.

Step 3:
3 3/16"x 5.5 piece of cardstock (I chose orange). Open up card and place orange piece in direct center...should be about 1/2 inch from each side. Now, tape lightly the orange to the black.  Close the card. Next, I took a 2.5" circle template, placed it in center of card, taped lightly, drew a light pencil mark around circle, removed the circle template and cut out the circle with my circle cutter.

Step 4:
(Easy, but instructions are hard to follow). Two 3.25"x 3" pieces of cardstock.  (I chose black to match my card base.) On the 3.25 side, score a 1/2" line "on just one edge.  Now, do the same to the other 3.25x3 piece of cardstock. See the video as to line up these 2 pieces on the card base. Once finished, you should have the 2 pieces centered and behind the orange piece.

Watch video at this time! (I do not speak in this first 15 seconds, but rather try to point out what to do.)

Step 5:
 Open up the card COMPLETELY FLAT.  Place a 2" circle template in center of card and lightly trace. I used the same procedure as I did to cut out the 3" scallop. It doesn't make any difference which side is on top when closing, but make sure one side is on top of the other.  That's it!

Step 5:
You will ONLY tape the top and bottom of the orange piece.  You must only tape these 2 edges so that the 2 black pieces will be able to slide.

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25 Responses
  1. Rae Anne Says:

    Cely, that is just about the coolest, or should I say hottest, project that I have ever seen! Absolutely, positively fan-freakin'-tastic! :D MWAH!

  2. Marilyn Webb Says:

    WOW Cely, this is totally amazing! Thanks so much for doing a tutorial on it. I've never seen this type of card before. I'm definitely gonna give it a try. Stunning and HOT!!!

  3. sgc Says:

    Cely--I, too, have never seen this. It is fantastic! Guess I'll be CASing this one!

  4. Tammy Miller Says:

    Amazing thanks so much for sharing!!!

  5. Celeste Says:

    oh my Cely this is absolutely fabulous.... I love love it....

  6. Marie Gamber Says:

    this is wonderful. I tried to make one of these once and did not do a very good job! I will try again now that I have your wonderful instructions. Thank you for sharing1
    Hugs, Marie

  7. Debbie Says:

    Really cool card, Cely. Thanks for doing the tutorial on it. It was fun to finally hear your voice too ;- ) Have a wonderful day. Glad your coast mostly missed the blow.

  8. Dragonlady Says:

    Great card and tutorial. Thank you for playing at Aud Sentiments.

    Hugs Ali x

  9. Min Says:

    I'm with the Bugaboo Girls - this is one HOT card (and one COOL tutorial!) Fabulous - absolutely FABULOUS! Can't wait to whip one of these fellas up!
    Hugs & Happy Days!

  10. *CAFE Says:

    Great job on the video, Cely! Love the card (Halloween.......YAY!!!!!!) lol!

  11. Cammy Says:

    AWESOME Cely! What a fantastic card! Will put this on my must try list!

  12. Jackie Says:

    Cely this is AWESOME! I loved your card last week, but seeing this makes me love it even more! Great job and a fabulously stunning card!

  13. Alice Says:

    OMG... I love this!! What a great card! I want to try this soon! Thanks for sharing such a great idea!

  14. NanaConnie Says:

    Great tutorial, Cely, as well as being a fabulous card! Hope all is well with you this stormy weekend. Saying prayers for all who live along the East Coast.

  15. This is so cool! Not what I expected! Great tutorial, Cely! I have to try this one for sure!!

  16. Splashbunny Says:

    Fabulous work! Great tutorial,
    Thank you for entering our Anything goes challenge at PCJ.
    All the best in the draw.

  17. Tami B. Says:

    Great tutorial, thank you for sharing it w/ us.
    I met a lady from Greenville today at CKC in Charlotte and she knew who you were, but I can't remember her name. She said she gets svg files from you, (which doesn't help because I'm sure 100's of people get files from you.)

  18. JustYolie Says:

    Whoa!! Wonderful card the paper! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  19. WOW such a fantastic fold. love it!! Thanks for joining us at Jens Digi Stamps.

  20. Amanda Says:

    Such a cool card. Thank you for sharing this. thank you for joining us at Jens Digi Stamps

  21. Shawnee Says:

    Great job and wonderful video. Thanks for joining us at Jens Digi Stamps

  22. Michelle Says:

    You did a great job on this card and I love'd your tutorial. I'm also a new follower of your blog. Thanks for taking part in our challenge this week over at Jen's Digi Stamps. We hope you will join us again.

  23. Cole Says:

    Whoa!!! Cely - look at you go girl - this tutorial and card are out of this world AWESOME!!!! It's truly unbelievable!!! High five all the way - thanks for sharing it with us - I'm sure most of us haven't seen this and the video was so helpful! WOW! So amazing :0)

  24. Ruthy Says:

    Wonderful! Thanks for the video and written tutorials. Love the card!

  25. Ruthy Says:

    Hi, again. Inspired on your card I made one and I'd love if you could see my version. Love your work.

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