Svgcuts...new releases that are SUPER!!!

My love for svgs all began with the discovery of SVGCuts.  So many people ask me about svgs and how I incorporate them with digital images.  With the awesome files of SVGCuts and the world of SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot), my passions for svgs began.  Leo is the brains behind SCAL tutorials which you can find on their site and Mary is the beauty behind the beautiful svgs.

Here are the two latest sets offered at SVGCuts.
Check out the video - Crisp Days of Fall.

Crisp Days of Fall SVG Kit

Game Day SVG Collection
If you are thinking about doing svgs.....SVGCuts is the perfect place to start!

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  1. Soooo neat - I can see why you love these so much - TFS!


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