My blog Has Attitude Award (2nd posting today)

Cheryl First has nominated me as one of her 5 people to hand down this award to.  Wow!  Thanks Cheryl! I wonder if I can give it right back to her?  She's got some pretty lively things happening on her blog that inspire me.

First, I have to tell you three things that make me different from anyone else....

1) I'm a beach lover ....forever and ever and ever.  Even my profile to the right helps proclaim my love for the beach, the water, surf, sand and smells...even the stinky smells that might come with it...haha

2) I'm a retired high school teacher (33 years) from the high school that "I" went to....so you can say I spent most of my life there, but I'm enjoying my new found freedom (called retirement) and REALLY enjoying it.  I still substitute, administered SAT and ACT to special students and love making cards and substituting for a class of Traumatic Brain Injury/ Autism.  The head teacher and her two assistants are awesome people.  And, the money is pretty dog gone good to help support my craft addiction.

3) Everyone needs a bucket list so I'm starting mind...starting with visiting countries I've never seen and even some states I've never visited.  I also want to meet people I've become good friends with through blogs that share my fun and silly passion for card creations.

4) I wasn't suppose to have a number 4, but oh well...my son is getting married May 28...great...can't wait for grandchildren.  I want them before the people running the "old folks home" won't let me hold them....haha

I'm sending the 5 awards (in no particular order) to the following ladies who have all inspired me, helped me, encouraged me, politely criticized me, shared with me, found things for me and/or just "jam up" good people ...


  1. Awe.. Cely thank you so much...

  2. Thanks Cely !! any kind of award from you is extra special... you know your son is getting married the day after my bday which means it will be on memorial weekend :-) I hope that once of those places you stop by is no cali so I can meet you!! have a wonderful day.

  3. Nice, nice choice of nominees, Cely!! :0) It was sooooo hard for me to pick only five!!!!

  4. Hi, I happened upon your blog, and I see congratulations is in order. I also received this award. I just wanted to say congrats, and to let you know that I am a new follower, and I would love for you to check out my blog, and if you like what you see, I would love for you to follow me!! Thanks, Karen


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