I've been at the beach!

I have been away for 4 days.  I went to Pawley's Island, SC.  It's only 180 miles from home, but I live in the "foothills"whereas Pawley's Island is a beautiful beach on our SC coast.  It is hard to imagine that it snowed Christmas Day and the past few days I have enjoyed walking the beach in 72 degree weather.  There was no internet connection there, so it forced me to really relax and enjoy walks on the beach, basting in the sun, enjoying the sounds of the ocean and seagulls and smells of the surf, along with being with family and wonderful old friends.  I just returned home a few hours ago only to see all the warm New Year wishes on my email along with phone messages left.

I'll be back tomorrow with an svg...hopefully...haha

PS  I met my New Year's Resolution for this past year......started a blog..... stayed with it the whole year and offered at least one free svg each week.  I managed to post 194 svgs so that just about averages 3 svgs a week.  I haven't totally decided on this year's resolution....will post tomorrow.

Thank you everyone for all the support to make my resolution come true!


  1. ah I am so enveous... would love to have been on a nice warm beach. Happy New Year!

  2. Welcome back to the cyber world, Cely! :0)
    I'm so glad you had time to relax and enjoy your favorite things! You totally deserve that! I haven't made my resolutions, yet. I don't normally.....maybe this year....maybe not. hmmmmm....
    hehehe! So indecisive these days!

  3. Sooo glad you got to get away... Missing you...

  4. You lucky duck!

    I got an ornament for Christmas that's pair of cute flip-flops and it made me long for a walk on the beach.

    Congratulations on meeting your 2010 New Years resolution! I feel that's always an accomplishment, no matter the size of the feat!



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