Carolina Girl (Cely)
Our Wednesday challenge comes from our Team Leader at Scrappily Ever After.  Actually, there is a school theme all week.  Mo, at Digital Pencil Too, has a unique way of interpreting  daily life through her digi stamps. I see boys shop for shoes.  I see girls shop for clothes, clothes, clothes.  I taught at the high school level for 33 years...I shopped for pencils, staples, paper, pencils, staples, get the picture...haha  Details: copic markers, embellishments, MS punch and ribbon.  My svg freebie is a shopping cart to go along with my card.

14 Responses
  1. Again, Cely, I just love this card. You definately noted the biggest and most stressful part of the school process. Great work.

  2. bonbon Says:

    OH this is so true. One cost more and one is needed more. I love this card and thank you for the svg.

  3. What a fun card! And, so true. Thank you for sharing and for the free svg.

  4. *CAFE Says:

    So, so cute, Cely! I can remember being excited to go school clothes shopping, and it was a whirlwind day, always!

  5. BJ Says:

    Forget school shopping...this looks like my 2yr old shopping all the time!!!! LOL
    I love the card. GREAT JOB!

  6. This card is very cute! You could even put School themed stickers coming out of the cart to express even more shopping stress. Thanks for the free Svg, thou I don't know what to do with them, LOL!

  7. Shelli Stack Says:

    Too Cute! I love the hangers!!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Absolutely adorable! My teenage daughter could certainly relate to this card.

    Cheryl J.

  9. This is so cute! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment! By the way, I LOVE the button blog background!

  10. jengd Says:

    CUTE! Great images and I love those hanger accents!

  11. Nitasha Says:

    This card is too cute! love the image of the little girl zooming on the shopping cart and the hangers are adorable! Also, like the color combo- very cute!

  12. sioux Says:

    I remember shopping with all my kids for school. Definetely a cute card!!!

    Pat l

  13. Bev E Says:

    Great card! I just love it. I guess you can tell that I have lived in the North, South & Midwest because I can use all 3 terms for the cart, but most of the time I use buggy or cart! LOL

  14. JustYolie Says:

    Great card, love the color combo! Great touch with the "plastic hangers".....NO WIRE HANGERS! LOL

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