Trendy Blog Award

Trendy Blog Award from Heather M’s
Thank you Heather at Heather M’s Blog for nominating me for this award!
As part of receiving this award I am to give the Trendy Blogger award to 10 other bloggers whom I think display their talent and time/effort on their trendy blog site. I am also to list two reasons why I started blogging and why I continue to blog. 

1. I originally started  blogging On January 1, 2010 as a New year’s Resolution to offer one svg a week to fellow card makers who love the art as much as me.  I have passed my goal and now average at least 4 a week.
2. I continue blogging because it’s a thrill to see an image I create come alive on paper.  Then, when I share it with others and receive thank you’s, it’s a good feeling knowing that I may have helped some one complete one of their happy projects. As a high school teacher, it was wonderful to help a student master a new concept.  I have the same feeling about me mastering each svg and card and sharing my learning and creations with other card-makers and bloggers. AND... ALL the blogs that I follow REALLY inspire me!!!
Here is my list of nominee’s (in no particular order).


  1. Oh I couldnt be happier for you and you truly deserve it Cely. You spend so much time and energy with sharing your creativity!!! KUDOS

  2. CONGRATS! on your well deserved award, your creativity is worth many many more :-)

    BTW thanks for the nomination, I am honored that you feel my humble mumblings are worthy of it!


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