Some days are just the PITS !

       My son just came home with his first "ticket". I was minding my own business, in my own happy place (craft room) making a sweet card and then the "blue paper" was lay down over my pretty designer paper for me to see. As a retired teacher, I always exhibited much patience and restrained with other people's children.  Well, the rule doesn't usually apply in my own home.  I had scissors in hand, but he had two friends as witnesses, so I counted to 10 and then said "my peace".  He would have to pay in many ways down the road, but the first payment was for me to hand him the phone so he could call his dad at work.  "But Mom, he's working, that will make him mad," as my son pleaded his case. "Yup", I said, "but I only have your best interest at heart.  If you remember the old slogan for selling telephones..."reach out and touch someone", then trust me. Dad would love to reach out through that phone and touch you!!!! Call him now while there is distance between you and him and he will be over the initial shock by the time he gets home this evening."  He made THE call!
       Using my craft tape, the ticket now hangs neatly on the refrigerator door....perhaps I should add some embellishments.  It stands for blackmail, lots of extra chores he won't be paid for, leverage on many levels, and a prayer card. A prayer card you may ask? (I wouldn't tell him, but maybe my guardian angel (or his) stepped up to the plate to see that he got this ticket to save him from something worst that could had happened in the future....just a precaution..to help him refocus.)
       I finished this card and svgs instead of the other sweet card that I had been working on. It's dedicated to his/mine/dad's bad day and reminding me "Some days are just the PITS!"

( I used Peachy Keen faces on the Pits.)
Download:  Come back on Saturday to get the svgs!
See you then!


  1. Hi, Carolina girl (can't find your proper name). Just wanted to say thank you for commenting on my blog and tell you that unfortunately, no. You can't use Copic's for our challenges, it must be Promarkers. It's a pity really as I know they're not available in the US.
    Anyway, thanks again, hun.

  2. I am so sorry to read about your tough day! You really challenged your frustration into an adorable work of art though :) Your son is very lucky to have such a great mom!

  3. It may be the pits but your card sure is cute!

  4. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Wanted to stop by and have a look at yours. A lot of beautiful creations in here. :) Hugs Hanna

  5. I LOVE this card because we all have days that are the pits!!!

  6. The card is great, Cely! What a rotten day, though! Hop eit all ended on a positive for you, despite the challenge you faced!

  7. Sorry you had a bad day, but your card is really cute!! :)

  8. I just love this card. I have seem the Peach Keen Faces but wasn't sure I would use them enough...but this card fits so many days. So sorry your day wasn't great but love the card.


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