Scrap Challenge

       I saw my friend Cheryl's "scrap challenge" at Scrappilyeverafter and I had to try it.  LOVED IT!!! You can only use your scraps, but you can also use open boxes of embellishments and/or cut scrap ribbon.  I made this in only 10 minutes....maybe you say, "Yeah, it looks like it"...but I honestly had so much fun; it forced me to use scraps and I think it turn out well enough I would definitely send it to someone.  Even the card base was a scrap! ( The card is a gate-fold so it's sorta 3-d.)  Thank you for stopping by and the svg for today is below.
Scraps came from svgcuts scrap pile, Trina Clark clipart, and some of my punch machine mistakes.


  1. Very cute. Is it a landscape gatefold card?

  2. Wish I could up sometimes in 10 minutes and have a finished card. I think you did a terrific job! Very pretty!

  3. I love how nice cards turn out when we use up those snippets and punch machine mistakes. I just noticed the fold because of Rhonda's comment. Cool!


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