Carolina Girl (Cely)
....."Miss you sew much"!  I made into a shape card in SCAL. I also put a shadow around several pieces when in SCAL.  I opted to use white ink for the design bar.  I added a pearl, inking, and thread for fun.  I hope you enjoy as much as me.  I love comments.

         Download:  sewing machine SCAL 2

(Time has expired for download.  See comment in top-right column.  It will be offered again at a later date...just don't know when.  Stay tuned.)

Other fun comments:  "I had sew much fun", "sew let's get together", " Sew...what's up!"...
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  1. bonbon Says:

    Oh my, I love this. I have a grandmother and a friend I need to send this too. I continue to like your puns!

  2. mitchellinsc Says:

    Gosh darn cute! I have sew many sewing friends. This will be great to send to them. Thank you for sharing all your work.

  3. CBH Says:

    Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 1 post on Jul. 13, 2010. Thanks again.

  4. Kraftychick Says:

    Thanks for some great files. I will be using it to make a card for my daughter-in-law after I give her some sewing lessons and help her make some home decor projects! FANTASTIC!!!


  5. DtsArt Says:

    Oh this is so darling!

  6. Hi Cecelia - Thank you SO much for the great info you sent to me regarding my SCAL issues.

    I can see that you are very very talented and an expert in SCAL. I've added you to my blog bookmarks and will be back again!

    THANK you again,

  7. Thienly Azim Says:

    Oh I love this! How cute. Thanks so much!

  8. Linda Says:

    What a great card. I can't believe the detail you put into this file. It's very relevant for me as I just started sewing clothes for the first time since high school home ec. Had to relearn how to thread the machine.
    SparQuilling Ink

  9. Carolyn Says:

    Thank you sew much for sharing such a great looking card.

  10. *CAFE Says:

    Oh my gosh - you have really been stepping up your game, lately! This is wonderful!

  11. Marilyn Says:

    this is just adorable...thanks sew much for sharing!

  12. JustYolie Says:

    OH MY!!! This is an awesome card!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! :)

  13. Deloris Says:

    Fabulous! Love it!

  14. kramer_buffy Says:

    this is amazing!

    -- dalis

  15. Dawn B. Says:

    Oh my gosh...this is the best shaped card I have ever seen.. I LOVE it.. I have a sweet friend that is a stitcher and she was just diagnosed with MS.. she won't be stitching too much longer.. I know she would love this... Thanks so much for sharing...P.S. I am a Carolina gal too..North of you..

  16. Dawn B. Says:

    I may be past the download date..hmmm it won't let me download it.. Could you please email it to me..? I would really appreciate it.. This is awesome.

  17. Doreen Says:
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. Antje Says:

    What a great card!! Love this sewing machine :)
    Thanks for visiting my blogg and thanks for your comment. Your challengecard is so cute, and you have lots of great ideas !!
    Greetings from Norway,

  19. Longvacation Says:

    What a great card! Thank you for the file, my sister loves to sew, so I see a sewing card in her future. :)

  20. marciae Says:

    This is a fantastic card. I sure would love to have the file, but it's past download time. Any way I can still get it.

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