Gee Hawing and Pretzel

       There is an expression some of use  in the South..."gee hawing".  I used it  with my sister-in-law from Rhode Island.....yup, a true NORTHERNER.  She finally bought a book on Southern expressions and not only finds it entertaining but a necessity to keep close at hand to understand what we are saying....kinda like a English-Southern dictionary...haha    Gee Hawing means "you're not in agreement or not on the "same page"or everyone is going in a different direction when there's a group discussion."  My sister-in-law is the vice-president of a big company that deals with the military in a big way.  Anyway, one day with the President of the company, another vice-president, and a few Colonels, she was giving her big spill and speech and heading a big discussion.  Before she realizes what she is doing, she interrupts the very noisy group and informs them they are not "gee-hawing" and wants the group to "come to order". They quickly stop all conversation and turn to her as she realizes her "slip of the tongue".  She quickly informs the men that she is married to a Southern Gentleman and with that came his family and her exposure.  The men got a few laughs out of it to her embarrassment.  It's very hard for a woman at times to carry a big title, large responsibilities, deal with the military on a regular basis and be taken seriously, so her words must be chosen carefully.  Those weren't the words she would had ordinary chosen for that day. Gee hawing is a term used in plowing while using a mule...gee to the left and haw to the right.  Watch old cowboy movies too and see them herding cattle using the same term.  End of Story!!
(I'm sending this to my sister-in-law, but making a few others with a "different sentiment" of OWH)

( The adorable digi stamp is courtesy of Karen Doodles which she created for a fellow team member who raises sweet donkeys.)

OWH Challenge #27  template

When cutting, I would not use the salt dots, but rather apply liquid pearls or while ink to represent salt.  I plan to make a shape card out of it with a cute sentiment and also use the image on background paper.

Download:  pretzel svg



  1. That is one funny story, and the card you made for your SIL is hysterical! I'd love to see the expression on her face when she opens it! LOL
    Great coloring on your card, and of course the sentiment is ideal! I really like the panel above your sentiment with the black pearls! That's a great look!

  2. Hi there, I was away this weekend and missed all of your great work so I just stopped by to catch up. I love, LOVE your "Smell my Feet" SVG. lol, once again, your making me wish I had SCAL.

  3. This is fantastic, Cely! What a funny story, and I'm sure she was very embarassed! She will get a kick out of this card, for sure!
    Now.....I have to go find that digi!!! :)

  4. Being from the South,I have heard that term and think that is a funny story. Cute donkey stamp and love the way you brought it together. I enjoy reading your stories.

  5. So cute! I saw that cute donkey digi last week I think. It's great to see him in circulation. :D He is so danged adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Who couldn't love that bucktoothed donkey? I enjoyed the story of "geehaw!" Neat card!

  7. Love your card. But I tried to download the pretzel and it was locked.

  8. Super cute card! Love Karen's Doodles. You asked about my meljen's cherry card.... I used my nesties to cut my shapes. :) Hope that helps!!

  9. I love your story and that little donkey is adorable. I know that I have him some place in my collection. She is going to love your card!!

  10. What a cute donkey card. It makes me smile and I'm sure it would any one who receives it.

  11. Love the donkey card and pretzel... tried to download the file but its expired.. If you are still sharing I would love to have it. nubiancrafternc at yahoo.com


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