Carolina Girl (Cely)
UPDATE:  Made svg file

Good morning everyone....I'm a little behind on offering svgs and .studio files for the Silhouette.  I am changing over more and more to .studio files, but trying to save them as svg for some of you followers.  I haven't made a card yet with these 2 smiling teeth, but thought I would go ahead and share.  I forgot  where I got the image but cleaned it up and changed into a cut file.

Crafters have been writing me letters asking for the file in an svg.  All I ask is to leave a little love by leaving a comment of thanks.  A quick little comment goes a long way with making me

Download:  Happy Teeth  (.studio file)
Download:  Happy Teeth  (svg file)

Will be available for 5 days...enjoy!
After 5 days you can purchase for $ me.

21 Responses
  1. Myrna Says:

    These are as cute as can be.
    I can only use svgs which is too bad.
    I sent you an email and am wondering if you got it. It seems my computer didn't really like me yesterday. Wouldn't let me send things. Could you let me know if you got it or not? thanks

  2. Judith Says:

    Great cut file, too bad I can't use it for my ecraft.

  3. I made it an svg...just write me and I will send it.

  4. Myrna Says:

    Thanks so much for the svg. You are way cool as the kids say. :)

  5. Kimberly Says:

    Super cute..many thanks...

  6. my dentist would love this one! Must give it a try!

  7. patti Says:

    Love your cards and svg files!!! Thank you for sharing them!

  8. Christine Says:

    Thank you Cely, your smiley teeth certainly brought a smile to my teeth....:-)

  9. Judith Says:

    Thank you soooo much for making the svg, works great here :D

  10. cma21317 Says:

    Please don't give up on us SVG gals. I cannot afford to buy a new fancy machine just yet.

  11. jperr Says:

    Really cute,thanks for sharing you talent with us.

  12. elvira Says:

    I love this image, thanks so much. Do you design for the Silohuette company?

  13. No I don't...but as many as I have done, I guess it would be fun to "look into". Very talented ladies there. I think they have all areas covered.

  14. Jeanette Says:

    Thank you so much for offering another svg...I always love the files you make and this one is really cute!

  15. Debbie Says:

    This image is sooo cute, Cely ;- ) and you are so easy to make happy, ha ha! Thanks for the freebie and have a great leap day.

  16. snowdraak Says:

    Cute file. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the svg. A new grandson just got his 1st tooth. This will be perfect!

  18. Janet Says:

    Thanks so much for keeping svg files. You always have such cute svg files and that is the only way I can use them... Great tooth file to use on a lost tooth scrapbook page or card...
    God bless,

  19. glad I could help you out!

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