Carolina Girl (Cely)
The first card really looks good in person..I promise...haha, but in the photo the white shutters sorta stick out and look out of place.  Sooooo, just for you and to satisfy  my curiosity, I made another card but changing the background and using black shutters and with different stitching.  You will find I will never do the same card exactly like the's against my  I don't want you to judge but just enjoy the different effects.  Thanks for dropping by my little blog.

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  1. Wow, I see it is almost 83 degrees at your place! Still summer!

    Both of your Halloween cards are super. LOVE the sprayed shutters on the second one...looks so spooky!...and you sewed too! So many fun details to look at!

  2. Myrna Says:

    Such cool cards. I love all the different effects you have on them.

  3. Deloris Says:

    So spooky! I love both of them! All of the awesome little details are so fun to look at.

  4. SiskiyouSue Says:

    Wonderful! Truly spooky...

  5. Cheryl First Says:

    Super spooky! I love the oranges you've been using as backgrounds lately, but this purple is great, too!

  6. Spoookky!!! Love your Halloween card Cely!!
    Stopping by to formally invite to the 2nd Annual Link Up for Pink party. Hope to see you October 1st - 14th!

    Yolie- LUFP owner

  7. Love them both, could not pick one if I wanted to, you are a very creative lady!

  8. Alice Says:

    Awesome card! Love those shutters and the colors.

  9. Carole Says:

    Something new...always changing I found myself wondering where am I? Love this card.

  10. NanaConnie Says:

    I check out both posts, Cely, and love each card. I think I like the second one best but that may be because of the purple sky. You know how much I love purple! :-D Great window box!

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