Carolina Girl (Cely)
  The pictures posted are the "after" effects of cleaning out and organizing my stamps.  It is still a work in progress.  My goal is to only have 3 rows of stamps on the white shelves and the rest unmounted in CD cases....then I have more room for other "STUFF" as my husband would say.  Before, the shelves were crammed with stamps literally on top of each other and not an inch to spare, so you can see that I have improved.  The other mess was my copics.  I had them everywhere but recently I organized them using the plastic webbing...which is working great.  Unfortunately, I only have room for 12 more markers...surely that will be enough, but I think I also made that same comment after purchasing my 12th marker.

These pictures are for the challenge at Apron Strings (Share the Shame). You "share the shame" of your bounty of stamps, but I also included my shame of copics too. Luckily you don't have to have the "before" pictures, but it would be nice.  I take pics of home improvements before and after, but not the craft room....haha

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  1. wow~we girly!!! Its looking good so far! But ya I would say ya gots a lot of stamps there. I have maybe 10 to my name. I am not good at stamping. I have tried over and over but everytime it comes out like &%%($!!!! LOL Oh well, I guess I am better w/paper only. Although I am getting better at inking the edges!
    You have inspired me to get organized. I have some white cubby shelfs that I need to make bins? for .... ugh...! LOL

  2. WOW! That's quite a collection of "stuff"!
    Don't know how it was before, but it's lookin' good!

  3. Bee's hive Says:

    Hahaha I love that I'm not the only freaking hoarder when it comes to papercraft supplies!

  4. *CAFE Says:

    Mmmmmhmmmm.....can completely relate to his stuff! lol!!

  5. Dawn B. Says:

    I can so relate..My stamps are all in boxes and I spent a good hour today looking for one..This is terrific. I LOVE the copic idea. I need a storage box.

  6. Camila's Mom Says:

    It is looking great! My husband keeps threatening to contact the TLC Show "Hoarding: Buried Alive" because of all my crafting "stuff" LOL! I need to do the same as you and organize a bit more so it's manageable. Keep up the good work!

  7. Lynn Says:

    I have my copics in a tub like that also, but I had not thought of using the plastic stuff to divide them. I have some left over from dividing my cricut cartridges, so that's a new organizational thing I need to do. I wish I had room to get everything exactly like I like it, then I would be happy.

  8. Oh wow, what a wonderful amount of rubbah! The shelves for them looks very nice, need to have better storage for mine too, even though I haven't got that amount...yet!


  9. Wow - that's alot of stamps! Love your blog layout - have not had time to stop by lately - hope you are well!

  10. Jeanette Says:

    I don't think you are being shameful at all. We can never have too many stamps or Copics. Love your storage for both. You are much more organized than I am.


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