Carolina Girl (Cely)
        I met my hubby at our favorite sushi restaurant for a Valentine lunch....then off to run errands.  These are two cards I made for friends.  The penguin is from Jennifer Dove at Just 4 Fun.  I forgot where I got the cute doggie...little tired and didn't do my homework.  The silver embellishment says "Friend".  I am going to try and show pictures tomorrow on how to do the inserts for my copic box.  I haven't tried video tutorial....I may scare some people with my Southern accent...haha

6 Responses
  1. *CAFE Says:

    I love them! :0)
    Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute!

  2. Tammy D Says:

    These are soooo cute!

  3. Lynn Says:

    Cute cards - bring on that southern accent. Couldn't be worse than mine. lol

  4. Debbie Says:

    Very adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Tania Says:

    Very cute card. I left a little award on my blog for you! You might have to scroll down to find it. Thanks for the kind comments and inspiration Hugs Tania

  6. Celeste Says:

    whoooo these cards are soooo cute.

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