One of Those Days.......

Headed off Friday morning to substitute to make a $100 to help my craft addiction, only to come home and find a river under the house.  The main water line had burst.  The plumber left with a $2000 check in hand.  ...so much for my piddly ass $100!  To make matters worst, my husband's computer crashed and burned last night.  It probably had a heart attack when he had to enter a $2000 bill into Quicken.   It's now Saturday morning and we're not over the shock....he's still trying to resuscitate the computer but to no avail. Think I will try to make a card to get over my woes....haha (ok...trying to smile)...the bill could had been $4000!


  1. Oh my...Sounds like my water problems headed your way. We had two more water mains break on Thursday while they were digging and they had to turn off the water for a while until they got them fixed. Our assessment for the new water lines in our development is $4,000 per house so I'm feeling the pain too!

  2. Oh no, Cely!!!! I sure hope you didn't have a ton of stuff in the basement!! Good luck to hubby on the computer issue, too! I hope it's something that can be parted to save, and that he didn't lose all of his information!

  3. OMG Cely what a horrid shock. I feel for you.

  4. Oh No Cely!! Was your new floor damaged??
    All that work last fall.....

    Seems to me your home-owners insurance should help you with that... especially if it was a "Main" water line... and it's too bad his computer was in the flood {{hint...hint}} (-:

  5. Oh no, that stinks! :-( Sorry to hear that!... Hugs! <3

  6. Oh, yuck!
    Really, spend the money on the addiction.. ain't gonna make a drop in the bucket... sorry.. I seriously did not mean that.. against the water situation.
    I am sorry for your mess and trouble!

  7. Now that's a bummer! But you are right could have been more. Would your insurance cover that?

  8. wow this happened when I was away so I just saw this, sooo sorry to hear that, imagine all the copics you could have bought with that! Ok now that you are smiling hope you get it all fixed soon XOXXO

  9. I can relate. We had the same problem, except for one thing...three people (including one from the insurance company) all said it was weeping tile system that was causing the leaks into our duct work. $10,000.00 later - NOPE!

    Back they came and this time we tried the water main. Is it where it should be....18" from the sidewalk? NOPE! $6,000.00 later we found and replaced the water main. Because they didn't want to cut into a structural wall they came in through the garage (gotta store that stuff somewhere) and into the laundry room.

    Are we done yet? NOPE! Winter arrived and I have no more lawn, a large (I mean large) hole in my driveway where we thought the shut off was, a trench from the lawn through the garage. Stuff stored in the powder room...stuff stored in my craft room...the only thing in the garage is two motorcycles (ours and SIL's).

    Too cold to cement...need to wait for spring....wait a minute...didn't you say we would not have to wait that long?

    The icing on the cake? Our insurance company calls it "seepage" and will not cover it. I have not yet begun to fight!!!!

    I came across you by accident and I am staying around to drool!



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