Friends warm the heart

I'm loving the Lawn Fawn Stamp Sets and matching Die Sets.  I'm pretty much just casing fabulous projects by design team members....the one below is an example of great casing.

I sent a few of these to friends for Valentine's.  I didn't send many due to a reaction to the infusion I got a few weeks ago...leaving me with a bad rash, itching, the feeling of shingles pain on my waist and attacking my knees with aches and pain and everything below that.  Now I'm on meds for THAT. I was in fit condition... I always walk on any given day no less than 2.5 miles (4-5 days a week),  along with 25 minutes of weight lifting and then an hour of low-impact water aerobics...then on Friday...bam...rash, itch, burning on sides and couldn't walk....wow! I miss my routine. I'm going stir crazy...haha  Well, since I'm somewhat immobile, at least I got some cards made between the scratching.

A2,  copics


  1. Very cute card :o)
    So sorry you have health problems at the moment, I hope the itching soon clears up...hugs
    Jackie xx

  2. You do such a good job coloring with those copics and centering the stamps on your cuts. I stink at that.

    So sorry to hear about your reaction. It sounds like poison ivy - hurty and itchy all at once. Hope it heals soon and you get back to your routine.

    Your routine sounds awesome. In winter I do nothing.
    When it's warm, I usually walk around our park twice for 2.6 miles, but I don't do the weights, and I KNOW I should! Maybe I'll have the energy after I retire . . .


  3. awwww this card is so adorable.

  4. Love, love, love my card! So sorry to hear the news. I get bad reactions to medications too so I can really relate to what your going through. The hives and rashes are so hard to live with.

  5. These are just so sweet, Cely! Great job with the snow banks and I love the stitching. Keeping you in my prayers for quick healing and a return to your routine, my friend.

  6. LOVE this card...the scene is so gorgeous! You make fabulous cards! I'm so sorry to here you're not feeling well...sounds miserable! Will pray for a speedy recovery!


  7. Feel better Cely. Love your card!!!

  8. Oh such a cute card. I like the line of trees and those little critters are so cute. I love it. Gee I sure hope your feeling better and the meds are working. Take care

  9. Such a cute scene and I especially like the purple night sky. It just looks so much more inviting than black or blue. Wonderful little pair too - Bears don't eat squirrels do they?


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