Old Door...Watts up...You brighten my day

Two entirely different themes today.  First, a pic of my shabby chic door. Friends wanted to see what I did with the old orange door.  My style is "eclectic" too say the least.  I wanted something to hide part of the refrigerator that was next to our dining area.  I started off with a completely different idea but this is the end result.  The top area for glass I haven't decided upon....frost etched glass or leave empty.

Tomorrow, I will show you my homemade table and shabby chic dining chairs.  My son says they are ghetto and embarrassed by them when he brings friends over to the house...haha

The last 2 pics are some fun, quick cards I made using My Creative Time "You're Brilliant" stamp and die set.  However, I used the filament image from Mama Elephant.  Oops...an Peachy Keen faces.

This pic was taken after I had clean the door and patched.  I worked on this at a neighbors house while our house was being built. 

if you look carefully you can see a slow cooker of pinto beans cooking..haha and a piece of one of my ghetto chairs as my son says

another angle.  I set some Fall wine glasses in cubby where I usually have more wine on display.  The light works by the way and I love the old glass door know

A2 vertical, stitching and faux stitched border on right, wet embossing, homemade dots, silver glitter for tips of bulbs

my own handwriting for "watts up", Peachy Keen faces...boy, it's been awhile since I've used those


  1. I love how you turned the old door into display storage, Cely. Brilliant! Which is a play on your light bulb cards, too. :-D Oh, my, I had completely forgotten about Peachy Keen faces. I wonder where mine are hiding?

  2. I LOVE your door! What an excellent idea! I can hardly wait to see your table and chairs!! Your cards are adorable and would "brighten" anyone's day!! Haha


  3. Hi Cely, Well I finally was able to get my new computer running... still trying to figure it out. At least I am not able to leave comments...
    Adorable card and the door looks fabulous. What a super creative idea. How you are loving your new home!

  4. The door looks awesome! Great idea!

    Love the cards too! The faces on them made me smile!

  5. Your cards are so cute! I would never be able to write my own sentiment - my handwriting is horrible. And your door is AWESOME! Love the shelf idea for your wine and the lamp really works? How shabby chic (at least I think that's what it's called). I cannot wait to see your ghetto chairs! That had me laughing.

  6. The door is awesome and great use vs. waste. Love it. Great cards and fun play on words. Always fun cards.

  7. The door looks brilliant, what a clever lady you are to have seen the potential, what do sons' know. Love the cards too :o)
    Jackie xx

  8. Love, love, love what you did with the door. It's Awesome!!! I'll have to CASE your lightbulb cards; I can see some glow in the dark paint going on them too. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  9. I love your door and it is NOT Ghetto!! LOL...isn't it nice to be such an embarrassment to our children? I love re-purpused and reused items! Your cute little light bulb cards are adorable. We are having pinto beans (also cooked in the crock pot and adding radishes and green onions to them. (Also, a pan of cornbread!)

  10. What a "bright" idea you had with that door! (he, he!)
    You really are an all-around crater! The door came out really well and it certainly looks better than the side of a refrigerator.
    Your cards are so cute! I love a good pun!


  11. I love the reclaimed door....and the light fixture is charming...very clever and cool.

  12. I had to scroll down and leave a comment when I saw this door!! I absolutely LOVE your transformation with it!! I love finding things like that!! I love to restore! Your light bulb creations are adorable too!! My hubby is an electrician, so I'm very attracted to them as well! :) HUGS


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