Carolina Girl (Cely)
First, the lighting is bad....I know
Second, need opinions if you can get past the bad lighting

I have three different pictures with the grass and gate....which one do you think is more pleasing to the eye?

12x12 ...with gate and grass

...with just gate

....with just grass

The letters and date are loosely put on since I have to change the name once they announce it.  Of course, the date can change too.

This is the last page.....which by the way, is the first page of the scrapbook...haha

21 Responses
  1. Oh so sweet...I think I like the 3rd one-with the green hill!

  2. Dawn Frost Says:

    I love the scrapbook Cely I'm in total awe! I personally think the last page is the best because on the first two your eyes are drawn to the gate/grass, you see it first but the third one is a total picture, no one thing stands out! You have done an incredible job, they are going to love it!

  3. Mary Ann Says:

    This is AWESOME,I like the 3rd one!!!

  4. Pat (mspfd) Says:

    My favorite is at the at the bottom of the page. The dark green grounds the image and balances your design beautifully.

  5. I like the last one the best, it seems more peaceful,less noisy - if you know what I mean!

  6. Jackie Says:

    I love the third one best, it's gorgeous :o)
    Jackie xx

  7. I too like the last one the best.

  8. Andrene Says:

    Definitely the 3rd one. Super cute page.

  9. I LOVE the 3rd one myself as well! Awesome job!!! *Hugs*

  10. Deloris Says:

    I picked the 3rd one too! Soooo cute!

  11. Cheryl First Says:

    Looks great! I like the last page you're showing, with just the grass. It keeps the citter as the focal point, but adds just enough texture and depth to ground it. Great job!

  12. Debbie Says:

    I like the third one, Cely. It's very sweet indeed ;- ) Love it!

  13. Kim S Says:

    I like it with just the grass, its so cute and unique (love the 2 layers).. the fence is not the right proportion, but if you like the fence go with it in front of the grass. HTH

  14. Karen Says:

    I like number 3 - just grass.

  15. Ellen Says:

    Celt this is so adorable! I like the 3rd one!

  16. Kathleen Says:

    I like just grass. The fence one makes him look like he's in a pen :(

  17. NanaConnie Says:

    I like the one with just the grass. The first one, the gate is nearly covered and the middle one shows the gate fine but, IMHO, it isn't as visually interesting as the grass. :-D

  18. Carole Says:

    Oh so cute... and I'm in agreement the 3rd one wins my vote:)

  19. scrapn Says:

    I like the 3rd one the best. The gate doesn't do anything for it. Although I do like the gate as a cut.

  20. Lola Says:

    OK, I'm going to go with the grass only, then the fence only is my second fave. I hope all is going perfectly with her pregnancy!

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