Carolina Girl (Cely)
First, I hope our friends from Charleston don't see this post.  Anyhow, my plan was to something beachy but I wasn't "feelin' it", so I saw something similar on Splitcoasterstamps and put my own twist to this. They can use this throughout the year and change lights and ribbon when they want a change.

Super easy but it's always the "first" one to design and size that takes so long.  I can crank them out if I decide to do more.  The background swirl cut file came from the Silhouette store.  I changed the ribbon, but use this green for a quick picture.  Sorry about background choice.  I Armored Etched the front so the lights in the block wouldn't be so bright... another very easy 5 minute process.

7x7 block from AC Moore's, apologizes for background..overhead light one

overhead lights off in the kitchen, swirl and name cut using Silhouette Cameo

another angle with lights off in my kitchen

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  1. Cheryl First Says:

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! That is so cool! Great choice of cut for this kind of project, and the subdued light because of the etching worked out great!

  2. Myrna Says:

    This is fabulous. Love it.

  3. Deloris Says:

    Wow, that turned out fantastic! I'm sure they will love it!

  4. Spyder Says:

    Brilliant, looks very nice indeed and something anyone would like to have and use. Clever cloggs...I'd never make it look so good...instead I put sprouts on my blog!! He's still going strong...pongs a bit more though!!#
    Happy New Year!!!

  5. Patti P. Says:

    Oh Cely, gorgeous....they will love this! I finally got my Cameo and am trying to learn how to use it. So excited! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  6. AllisonG Says:

    This is such a cool gift!

  7. Oh I want to try this out!!!

  8. Jackie Says:

    What a wonderful effect, it looks beautiful :o)
    Jackie xx

  9. Fabulous gift and fabulous design Cely, you are just so creative!

  10. This is so pretty, Cely. I've never made a glass block, but have been wanting to try one. Did you use paper or vinyl for the design?

  11. Tammy Miller Says:

    Wow this is gorgeous!!! hope you are doing well miss ya!

  12. NanaConnie Says:

    Utterly magnificent, Cely!

  13. Lola Says:

    Saw these blocks at Hobby Lobby and thought about making a night light for Beanie! This is an awesome gift!

  14. Sonja Says:

    Next time, there's no reason to etch! Just try the spray paint glass frost. It's wonderful! I use it all the time!, I have some posted. Go look and see if you notice any difference. :-) btw, this looks wonderful!

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