Carolina Girl (Cely)
I try to make 3 different snow themes for my January cards that I send to family and friends.  Here is my second card project.  I bet you thought it was going to be a window card...haha  Fooled you!!!

I used Doodle Pantry "Ski Sheep" (pre-colored).  I also made this a "zig sag spinner/slider card.  I got the wonderful idea from one of Birds Cards in her February 2012 post.  I made my own template using your basic 8.5x11 paper size. The little trees were a file from Silhouette.  Any little tree will do.   It's been a while since I have done a video, but it would had been nice to show you how the skiing sheep skied down the hill and tumbled...haha

A2, wavy crimper, diamond stickles, pop-ups

Another view, another angle, another background...haha

12 Responses
  1. Jackie Says:

    Brilliant card Cely, very innovative :o)
    Jackie xx

  2. Cheryl First Says:

    Great way to use a Z-Fold card! Love that little guy....yes, it would have been something to see him stumble! lol!

  3. AllisonG Says:

    I am just loving all of the dimension and movement on your winter cards lately - FABulous!

  4. NanaConnie Says:

    Oooo, a slider card! Love it, Cely. Great fold, too. Wonderful texture on the snow. Is it crimped? The whol ething is fabulous.

  5. Carole Says:

    Oh so fun and clever you! I love interactive cards but no patience to learn. Thanks for your visit and kind words. Happy happy joy joy! Hugs Caroles

  6. Myrna Says:

    For a beach girl you sure do capture the full impact of winter :) This is absolutely the best card.

    Thanks for the idea.

  7. Donna Says:

    Cely, you always have something that's worth coming to see. This is so amazing! What a wonderful idea. I love the skiing sheep and perfect for the slider card!

  8. Lola Says:

    OMG isn't that just so creative!! I would have to say that I am completely impressed!

  9. Billie A Says:

    Great card such a great idea using a slider image. Love the textured snow and the added trees are awesome look. Image is just too too cute. Darling card as always.

  10. Mary Ann Says:

    WOW!Just so cute,the little sheep is to cute...

  11. scrapn Says:

    This is cute Cely! Can you tell us how the sheep moves? Thanks!! Merry Christmas!!

  12. Dawn Frost Says:

    You rock Cely, very simple but ooooh so cute!

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