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My brother and SIL commissioned me to do a matching recipe page and wine bottle topper. The metric system is used in Switzerland, so I had to do some conversions to meet the requirements.  

Their friend, who is getting married, loved my Easy Chicken Pot Pie recipe, so I adjusted it to fit the recipe book the wedding party is going to give the couple.  The page must also include a wine selection and carry the same theme on the decorated bottle....all of which will be given to the couple at the wedding in Switzerland.  My recipe is shamefully easy, but if he likes it, and wants it...who am I to

Today, I'm showing the wine decoration and this Saturday (April 7) I will post the recipe sheet on the Catch The Bug challenge.  I used Roly Poly Chef - chalkboard from Bugaboo Stamps.

Copics, button, ribbon, punch. Memory Box die,  Silhouette grapes

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  1. AllisonG Says:

    What a fabulous wedding idea! I'm sure yours will be the most beautiful wine bottle topper the grapes, flower, etc. You really should be a Texan, Cely - our motto: Everything is bigger in Texas and you do things big, girl! LOL

  2. Carole Says:

    Very nicely done.

  3. Cheryl First Says:

    Beautiful topper, great idea....and fabulous "everything" as always! :0)

  4. Deloris Says:

    OMG, I love this! So clever and really cute too!

  5. Tami B. Says:

    Who wouldn't love to get this?! Awesome job. I super love the great flourish die you used.

  6. Truly fabulous and a super delightful gift for the wedding couple!

  7. This is the perfect blend of elegance and cuteness!

  8. Mylene Says:

    Very nice...I'd love to receive this. Now, what about this recipe, are you going to share it?

  9. Myrna Says:

    Such a lovely gift. You did a wonderful job.

  10. Debbie Says:

    What a lovely presentation, Cely! All of it is gorgeous, wonderful flower and the swirl accent gives it that extra special touch ;- ) Love it!

  11. What a wonderful gift! I bet your is going to be the BEST one. Love the grapes.

  12. Celeste Says:

    I so love this you are so awesomely creative.

  13. What an amazing project! I just love that flower.

  14. Cole Says:

    Oh this is so cool Cely!! Love the presentation of it - you did an awesome job, can't wait to see the recipe now!! xo

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