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GiANT Thank You

My son, Mitchell, had a birthday recently and needed some Thank You cards.  Like many teenagers, he waited till the last minute and needed them now, now, now!!!  I made 4 cards in 18 minutes, less time that it would take you to get in your car and go buy them somewhere.

CAS (Clean and Simple) can make a statement as nicely as LAL (Lovely and Lavish).  I wanted to display the versatility of the Ant Accents Pre-Colored Set from Doodle Pantry.  He liked them well enough to be thinking "ahead" (praise the Lord) of Thank You notes for graduation time.  Yes, he's a SENIOR...yippee!

Embossing folders, ribbon, copics, brad, stitching, A2 size
Green and white dot DP, copics, stitching, ribbon, A2 size

21 Responses
  1. Kathy W. Says:

    Oh wow, these are f-ANT-tastic Cely!! My daughter is a senior as well and you just gave me a great idea..thanks so much I love your "Thank You" cards.

  2. AllisonG Says:

    OMG, I don't think I can keep up with all the ANT-ics with the ant words! LOL You all are just too funny.

    I love your design, Cely! This is a great idea for some quick and easy thank you cards. I'm going to have to make some soon for teachers' end-of-year gifts....yippee, school is almost over! (Yep, I'm a teacher)

  3. Jackie Says:

    What beautiful cards, I love the colours and design :)
    Jackie xx

  4. Deloris Says:

    Wow, 4 cards in 18 minutes. I'm impressed! As you know I'm a big fan of CAS cards, and yours turned out great!

  5. These are super cute - love them! They can work for just about any one! Great idea.

  6. Barb Says:

    Oh my goodness these are SO CUTE!! Great job!!!

  7. Cheryl First Says:

    Super cute, clean and simple cards!

  8. Perfect little thanks you cards, they are quite wonderful, I love them to pieces!

  9. Jani Lewis Says:

    Great cards. These little guys are adorable.

  10. Fabulous Cely!! Love the CAS!


  11. Jenny Says:

    Wow! 4 cards in 18 minutes?? That must be a record :) And just look how stinkin cute they are? What a lucky son!

  12. Marsha Says:

    So cute. And I love quick to make cards. These are fab.

  13. Oh Cely, what a great idea these cards are! Love them. Perfect for your son and notes from a teen boy! Great thinking girl!
    Hugs, Sarah

  14. Myrna Says:

    Your thank you cards are wonderful and I just love your cheeky little ant.

  15. Donna Says:

    These a re adorable Cely! At first I thought you spelled giant incorrectly in the title and then I realized what you were doing after I saw the cards. GiANT good idea!

  16. Celeste Says:

    these thank you cards are great I love them.

  17. Suzanne Says:

    These cards are just the cutest!! Your coloring is always beautiful. How you make your SVG's I can't even imagine. One of the things that you seem to able to do that I struggle with are sentiments, yours are always so perfect for your image. I would like to ask you how you did the thank you but trying to link to your email isn't working on my end. I would love for you to email me Thanks, Suzanne

  18. Pat (mspfd) Says:

    These are terrific! Love them all!

  19. Debbie Says:

    What great cards and in 18 min. you'd be my hero. I hope you got a great big HUG, but knowing this age I'm thinking... no, ha ha. that's why we have Mother's Day ;- ) Appreciation comes with age (if we live that long, if we don't they will just be wracked by guilt ;- ) LOL Have a great week and good luck with those graduation plans!

  20. Dawn Frost Says:

    Cely, LOVE the ants! I love the one on his back, soooo cute! A senior yeah!

  21. NanaConnie Says:

    Fabulous, Cely! I adore the ants and having the pre-colored versions is fantastic. I'm going to be making a bunch of Thank You note cards for both my granddaughters. I may have to CASE these. Thanks for the inspiration. :-D

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