Carolina Girl (Cely)'s your ticket to get your mammogram.  Actually, I don't think the gowns are quite this cute and you don't actually get to wear ALL of it at once. know what I'm talking about.  I would rather get a mammogram than go to the dentist.  Anyhoooo, here's Stella Nurse from Bugaboo Stamps handing you the gown.

A2, stitching, ribbon, embellishment

10 Responses
  1. *CAFE Says:

    Fab! You're rocking the LUFP, girl! Love all your Stella's! :0)

  2. Debbie Says:

    That is a very chic gown, but I don't think I want Stella as my nurse ;- ) The bow looks just like the tie on a gown though. Have a great day, Cely!

  3. Spyder Says:

    I went yesterday, fancy that! Great card, love those soft colours you've used

  4. Darling- I love the pink gown! I never thought about it, but I think I agree- I hate going to the dentist!

  5. NanaConnie Says:

    Fabulous use of Stella, Cely!! I so love this card. Great pink gown.

  6. Deloris Says:

    Love the gown. Great card!

  7. Celeste Says:

    I love this card...

  8. Stephanie Says:

    Fantastic card, love the gown, perfect paper...

  9. Billie A Says:

    What a great way to send the message using stella and the gown.. too cute. Great card.

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