Carolina Girl (Cely)
There has always been something about this adorable, silly dog that always makes me smile.  He's a "never ending" happy puppy!  I cleaned Odie up and made into an svg.  He's a trademark, so please remember that it is for personal fun and use only, not to resale under any conditions.

I'm headed to the lake today for some sun, girlfriend chats, kayaking and relaxing on the water.  I may even stay till Sunday....yippee! Look....even Odie is happy for me!

Only 5 pieces.   I recommend this size or larger
Download:  Odie   (svg)
File will be available for 5 days....ENJOY!

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10 Responses
  1. Myrna Says:

    Enjoy your beach and girl time.
    Thanks for the svg.

  2. Judith Says:

    I LOVE this one :D
    Thank you for making Odie.

    greetings from Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

  3. Lisa R. Says:

    Cute file. TFS Have a great relaxation time!

  4. snowdraak Says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Debbie Says:

    Thanks, Cely. I should be able to use this one, when I do something with the new puppy. I've been gone so long, it's been tough getting started again. Have a great time at the lake (like you wouldn't, HA). Love your clock widget. I find myself just staring at it ;- ) I want to go back to Sea World. That second hand is fun. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. we are happy for you too.
    Thank you so much for the smile today.

  7. *CAFE Says:

    He's so cute! Have fun at the lake!

  8. Maria Matter Says:

    oh I love odie, that silly happy pup!

    Hope you're having a great wknd....on the beach!
    hugs & blessings!

  9. Sue in CT Says:

    Absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing.

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