Got my mind on beach, sun, surf and fish (freebie svg)

Yal probably don't think I ever stay home.  Well, you're right...lately I've been on the road to water somewhere...haha    I leave very early tomorrow morning to visit perspective colleges for my son and his friend.  We will be visiting universities near the coast and stay at the beach between visits...might as well enjoy the beach while we can!  I'm taking a friend for company, plus she is a high school counselor that will add a little flavor to the tours.  My husband is staying back home working to keep me in the lifestyle I'm accustom...haha  (He's really a dear, but worse is that we won't be home for Father's Day.  We will return Tuesday afternoon.)  We plan to do a little fishing, swimming, kayaking, watching the sunset with a glass of wine in our hand (just us two ladies) along with the educational activities.  I'll be taking my Ipad and laptop for communication with you guys.  I hate missing all the fantastic crafts on your blogs.

Download :  Fish   (svgs)
Svgs will be available for 5 days...enjoy!

PS...I'm working on another secret project that I also can't share...that's why between the wedding, beach, lake and trip tomorrow you haven't seen any cards lately.


  1. Great svg files, i just love fish..don't know why i just do, i'll have to try these this coming weekend. Why does everyone have secrets...it's just not fair:(
    I'll be checking back...www.justwordz.ca

  2. Thanks so much! They are adorable! Have a wonderful time at the beach!

  3. Have fun! Can't wait to see your surprise!

  4. I wonder whose idea it was to look at colleges along the coast, hmmm? Did you son know they had colleges there? Or had you been slipping those catalogs under his pillow since he was in middle school ;- ) ... and poor dad home working his finger to the bone, LOL! Have a great time... er, looking at colleges... "wink, wink" !

  5. Very cute fish. Thanks for sharing. I have a feeling we will be seeing some cards soon.


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