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....sharing your toys.

My son is getting married this weekend.  I wanted a few cards to set around at the rehearsal party tomorrow night.  Here is one.  It's a Mo Manning image.  Folks...I'm bow-legged tired and there's more to do tomorrow.

5x5  Inspiration was Joeys World of Stuff blog
8 Responses
  1. Deloris Says:

    Absolutely darling! Love that image and your coloring is fantastic!

  2. SiskiyouSue Says:

    I love it! I would never have thought of this...

  3. Tammy D Says:

    Adorable! I am hoping and praying for a wonderful weekend for of awesome memories and lots of energy for you to enjoy them!

  4. Myrna Says:

    This is the best. Absolutely adorable. Great work.

  5. scrapgram Says:

    That's awesome! Is the graphic a stamp? If so, where did you find it?

  6. Jo Says:

    This is the cutest card ever!! Sure hope you can get some rest after all this is over. But enjoy the wedding!

  7. Lola Says:

    OMG this is WONDERFUL!

  8. Patty Says:

    Congrats to your son...this card is beautiful and I love your idea of setting out cards around the room!

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