Carolina Girl (Cely)
....that was a car sticker I had ions ago.  Yup, I had a surfboard, hip hugger bell bottom pants, and hair down to my a@#$ get the picture...haha  Wish I still had the board for my beach sunroom for nostalgia.  It was sold years ago and now sits in a bar/restaurant.

This is another card from the Edisto Island Card collection from Svgcuts.  If you purchased, made a card, and posted on Svgcuts Facebook page, you would have had a chance to win some wonderful AC cardstock.  A random winner will be drawn later this evening.  I used rope, but rope or wire can be seen on the real fences on the beach.  The fences are used to protect the dunes and sea oats.

I did some inking, embossing of the sand...yup, our sand actually has ripples made from the wind. I apologize for not doing the background for pic a little better...was in big hurry.  I had so much FUN FUN FUN and having great memory flashes as I made this....haha

Shells are from the beach, jewels on flip flogs

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  1. Katie Says:

    soooo cute...I just want this file sooooo bad...I just cant talk myself into it ... yet ... lol I bet I have it by the end of the night...hehe looks great

  2. *CAFE Says:

    Fantastic, Cely! Looks wonderful! Take away that board, and I think I have a photo that looks this way! hahaha! ;0)

  3. Nati Tristan Says:

    Cely that is such a cute card! It makes me want to go on my cruise RIGHT NOW (going next week!). Thankyou for such wonderful ideas!

  4. Debbie Says:

    Wonderful card, Cely. I love the effect on the sand. It turned out great. I think on your earlier post you just should have told your family that the artist was working ;- ) Have a wonderful week.

  5. ArtbyAndy Says:

    I'm SO ready for the summer. This is such cute card. I love the sand and the tall grass. And you got a laugh out of my on your "FUN FUN FUN" beach boys reference! =D

  6. Deloris Says:

    Fabulous card! I can't wait for the warmer weather to get here.

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  8. such a wonderful card, love how you made it into a "flat" card but yet still shows all the dimensions. Lovely!

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