Stylish Award...POOF and it's gone!!!

I was given the Stylish Award from Christel from Scrappin Sista.  How wonderful and thoughtful!!!  I have spent the last "2.5 hours" writing info, writing 8 facts about myself, thanking her  and picking out 8 people of "new" sites I have enjoyed learning from and just getting great mojo.  THEN POOF....one button and everything was gone....gone I say...and everything was saved and now gone.  I can not retype everything.  Christel...thank you for the award and I just LOVE her title for her blog and her wit and personality in her cards. I can not accept the award since I can not retype everything, but I wanted to show I can win something every now and then...haha   Thanks again Christel!


  1. Oh, I just hate when stuff like that happens!!
    BTW - LOVE the new blog look!!!!

  2. Oh Cely..HOW frustrating! I'm sorry that happened to you. Congrats on winning the award in the first place...well deserved!

  3. aw, that's happened to me too, it's very frustrating! I was trying to be clever and do a bit of colour coding too, but blogger didn't like the colour changes and in the end write everything in BLACK and having a black background meant , everything was invisible, and that's when it all disappeared, I pressed the wrong button...you could have a look in drafts, you never know, it 'might' still be there!

    ps bring me sunshine!!! (you can have the snow!)


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