Need Some Help and Suggestions....

...from my followers and lovely people who leave comments.  Very nice people leave me comments and some also request svg files that are no longer posted. In most cases, I don't really mind emailing the particular file to them.  However, many of these people ask but DON'T leave an email address.  NO ONE should post their email address in the comment box in order to maintain their privacy.  So please....if you want a svg that is no longer available do two things: 1) Be a follower, 2) email me from your personal email so I can reply; otherwise, there is no way for me to send a file.  I SOOOOOOoooooo appreciate the wonderful comments that are left and would like to acknowledge these inspirational messages.  Lately, the comments have really given me a much needed boost when I have been "a little" down lately.  My email address is under my "Profile" picture and history.



  1. I'm sorry things are icky for you right now. Know I will be thinking of ya! HUGS!


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