Sunday cards and a small svg

       I started last Sunday dedicating the day for extra cards that I've made throughout the week.  Oops, I forgot to take a picture of a few before I mailed. This week includes Svgcuts.comMy Scrap ChickClear Dollar Stamp, HatleyNature.com ....and my little svg for today.
Hatleynature.com - note pad someone gave me last year

MyScrapChick.com - Flower Card

Svgcuts.com - Cliff's Clubhouse Collection

Svgcuts.com - Cliff's Clubhouse Collection

Svgcuts.com - Flitting Fairies Collection
(inspired by clbecker)

ClearDollarStamps.com - Charlie Horse

My svg for Ray's Corona Beer

(No expiration)


  1. Love the cards. What about Hairy Potter that is cute? Where did it come from. I can always use a lemon.

  2. I'll take a lemon or lime. thanks. Loved that kitty. Like all the cards.


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