Carolina Girl (Cely)
       Lots of little wild animals from Cuddly Animals and Cuddly Animals II sets.  This little jungle tree just might come in handy for a little extra back drop.  I am also showing a pic of what it should look like when you break it apart in SCAL.  Since it is an svg, you can take it into ANY program that cuts svgs.  ENJOY!  I love comments.

Download:  Jungle Tree

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3 Responses
  1. Deloris Says:

    Another great file to use with Mary's critters. Thanks a bunch!

  2. *CAFE Says:

    This is awesome! Handy for dino's, monkeys, parrots....oh so many ideas are swirling in my brain! lol!!

  3. Maureen Says:

    Great file...thank you so much!

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