Carolina Girl (Cely)
Just a simple, fun card using an image of Mitzi Duck that has been sitting on my craft table.  Nothing fancy, just fun...haha

I made sun background in studio, doubled one image and then reversed it so the girls look like BFFs.

A2, starfish, metal brad, onion bag scrap, Wink of Stella on hat

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9 Responses

  1. Deloris Says:

    So cute and so clever too! Love it!

  2. Mitzi IS fabulous! I love her sassy attitude. I printed an image of her for the front of my plan book this year! (Yes, I still use a paper plan book. I think I'm the only dinosaur left - everyone else uses their computer!)

    I love the bright summer colors on this card! It really brought a smile to my face this morning!


  3. Carole Says:

    so can't fake and clever

  4. NanaConnie Says:

    Great job reversing the image, Cely! Love these cute critters and they look fab posing on the beach.

  5. Oh! Just PERFECT, love what you have done with the image. Love the sun background too.

  6. Oh Cely this is awesome! Love how you reversed the image!


  7. Dawn Frost Says:

    What a cutie and I LOVE that sentiment!

  8. Lola Says:

    LOL! Nothing like a little attitude and a great (and true) sentiment. I've seen this duck before...wonder if I have a stamp. That's when you know you have too much stuff!

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