Carolina Girl (Cely)
I saw these adorable Loving Cows (from the Silhouette Store) that Sue created and knew I had to case for my grand daughter.  It will be one of her Valentines.  I made two for her: one to hold, tear up and carry around.  The other can be displayed and then put in her memory box of cards.

Off to the beach tomorrow till Sunday, but my husband and dogs will keep the "home fires burning" and secure.  We have security and security cameras in the house.  I can go on my phone or IPAD at anytime and see what the puppies are doing...haha  I can usually find my DH napping in the den chair with the puppies sleeping on top of him.

A2 size, distressing on edges for a little dimension

just an angle view...forgot to some the sentiment and cute hearts on the back

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  1. chrissy xx Says:

    Awhh! Tooo cute..A FABulous idea to make two, no tears! having one to play with and one to keep..

  2. chrissy xx Says:

    Ooops! Here again...Enjoy your week.

  3. Deloris Says:

    They are darling! Enjoy your time at the beach. Weather has gotten a bit warmer here. 70 now and sunny!

  4. Oh my goodness how ADORABLE!!! You granddaughter will love them! Enjoy your time at the beach!!


  5. They were fun to make huh?

  6. Jackie Says:

    Oh I really love these, they are so cute :o)
    Jackie xx

  7. She'll have so much fun playing with that cow, I suspect you'll have to make a whole barnyard!

    I had the same idea about the flowers from the perler beads and was wondering if I should get one of the forms that are usually sold with them (with the little "pins" sticking out.) Then, once the beads are merged together, put it back in the oven and see if they melt some more. . . May have to try it. If you beat me to it, show me your results!


  8. Carole Says:

    oh my gosh these are the cutest cows fun to have that security camera to check in.

  9. Donna Says:

    Too cute! She's going to love it.

  10. Dawn Frost Says:

    Oh my goodness totally adorable Cely!

  11. Lola Says:

    Awwww what a great idea! I never thought to make two cards. My girls never even get to see their cards. This is a wonderful idea! And these cows are SO cute. Hope you enjoyed the beach.

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