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I've been away for quite some time but lucky for me I'm able to return on such a great day.  Why? It's the NOVEMBER RELEASE DAY at Doodle Pantry!

I just love incorporating svgs and images on a project.  Today, I was thrilled to use the image by Lori called Donut Box SVG and PDF and the Doodle Pantry set called Cherry Pie.  I make homemade miniature pies throughout the year with the season's fruits.  What a great way to dress up the pie when giving a little treat to a family member or friend.

Remember to join in on the November Challenge.  You will receive the Snowman Pileup just for your participation and a chance to win a gift certificate to the store.

Check out the tiny silver cherry charm on the ribbon...I love it

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  1. Wow Cely, this is fantastic!!!! Can I be your adopted sister? I'm sure one of those yummy pies in this fabulous box will ship well to PA!!! Love it.


  2. Pat (mspfd) Says:

    So good to see you are back creating. You have done an amazing job incorporating Lori's new cutting file and the cherry pie set. Such great packaging for a yummy treat! Fabulous work, Cely! Hope all goes well and your new granddaughter and daughter-in-law are doing well.

  3. Cheryl First Says:

    Very sweet! You need to give this neighbor/friend one of those! lol!

  4. Patti P. Says:

    Hi Cely, so happy to be back with all of you for the month! Adore your project!!! Just wish I were close enough to share that pie.
    What a fabulous gift idea for neighbors and friends and love the way you used the Cherry Pie set and that cute charm.
    I too love using my digitals and Cameo together, so much fun.
    Take care....

  5. Deloris Says:

    How cute! Great gift idea!
    Lol, it's making me hungry for a piece of pie.

  6. Myrna Says:

    So nice to open my blog list and find you there again.
    What a yummy looking pie!! and your box and tag are so adorable. Itsy bitsy cherry charm, great.

  7. Lola Says:

    Completely adorable. And you just happened to have little pies on hand? I like the little bit of red peeking behind the tag and great sewing!

  8. Donna Says:

    Oh Cely, yummy! What an awesome gift filled to the brim with homemade goodness. You are a gem. Hope the house selling is going well. I'll keep you in my prayers on that one!

  9. Billie A Says:

    Good to see you back and good to see your awesome work. I love this project you made and so yummy. Hope all is ok. Take care and HUGS

  10. Carole Says:

    Hello you found some time to play...and what a fabulous creation. Designer pie ware...friends and neighbors will be delighted.

  11. NanaConnie Says:

    I'm on my way to your house for a bite of that pie! This is terrific, Cely. I don't know which looks better; your colored image or the real pie. :-D Keeping you in my prayers and just want to let you know that the unpacking is more work than the packing but the satisfaction of finding and organizing all the goodies is better. :-D

  12. Great to see you back again! Your pie looks delicious, and the tag is so cute!!

    Hope the move is going well.

  13. You are the BOMB! I cannot believe you made little pies to go into the cut file. It's totally perfect!

  14. Where you be girl? You have been missed! What a cute little pie project!!!

  15. Nicky Says:

    Wow - love the pie box - pie looks lovely to :)

  16. Debbie Says:

    Wow! This looks delicious!! (And I'm not even a fan of cherry pie! LOL)

    So glad you are able to create! Praying for you and your family!

  17. Brilliant creation and the pie is so yummy looking, I have missed your creativity! Those little cherry charms are a fabulous touch! Glad you could find some time to craft!

  18. Dawn Frost Says:

    Cely you totally rock I love this box! You make cards and bake, wow, lol! I have actually started to make mini pies with gluten free dough and to my surprise I'm having an easier time than with wheat dough!

  19. Kathy D. Says:

    This is adorable. Love the paper for the box and the ribbon is perfect. Nicely done

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