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I can finally announce... "I'm going to be a GRANDMOTHER"!!!  I have known for a month and was sworn to secrecy.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to be told you are going to be a grandmother "for the very first time" and then be told you can't tell ANYONE for a month!!!!! It was killing me.

On my blog posts, I was going on the premise that I was finally doing a scrapbook for my youngest son.  It was a good reason for keeping the colors neutral.  I will do a scrapbook for my son, but this one is for the new 1st grandbaby.  I won't do anymore pages until we find out the sex so I can make at least 5 pages very pink or very blue...haha  In the for my dear son Mitchell, I will start working on his 1st year scrapbook now....he just turned 19 last week!

( There are 3 sets of GRANDparents and 3 great-GRAND parents so this is a page I dedicated for us and them.)  So....ain't it GRAND!!!

12x12, Say Cheese from Kadoodle (retired), Crafty Mice from SVGCUTS

button punch from MS, zig zag punch from EK Success

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  1. Congratulations! That's wonderful news and a beautiful layout.

  2. I'm so excited for you, Cely! I was wondering how you were going to get 19 years of scrapbooking done with all the detail you've been putting into them! Congratulations!!

  3. Carole Says:

    WaHoo Congratulations that's so exciting. Years ahead to look forward to. Plans to be made, memories to cherish. Reasons to scrapbook. Great pages. Hugs C

  4. AllisonG Says:

    Congratulations - how exciting! What a great idea to make a scrapbook page in a baby book to show off the grand and great-grandparents. DUH - I never thought of that.

  5. Cheryl First Says:

    This is simply FANTASTIC news, Cely! Congrats to Bryan, Shannon and the whole family!
    Your layouts are fabulous, and it's great that you have a head start with them. Can't wait to see if the majority will be pink or blue! :)

  6. Deloris Says:

    Congratulations! That's fabulous news!

    Looking forward to seeing what color the upcoming pages will be!

  7. Myrna Says:

    Congratulations to you and your family. What an exciting time !! Enjoy.

  8. Donna Says:

    Cely, congrats! You must be over the moon with excitement! This is so darling. Love the Sewing idea! And the little mouse is adorable. I am not a grandmother yet either but I can imagine how you would feel. How lucky that little one will be to have you around!

  9. Dawn Frost Says:

    OMG congratulations, I'm sooo jealous! I LOVE your scrapbook layouts they're so awesome!

  10. Lola Says:

    Congratulations! I thought they were for YOUR son! I sure hope you get LOTS of time with the new baby and you fall in love all over again. I'm so blessed my girls have grandparents (I didn't have ANY) and I know you will bring such joy to this little one's life!!

    As for your layout - gorgeous. I especially love the pins in the tomato! And you even included a seam ripper. How perfect.

  11. Debbie Says:

    Congrats, Cely! I'm so happy for you!!! I'm also embarrassed to wish you a very belated Happy Birthday! My son was home for 2 weeks of spring break and I didn't even look at a calendar and then I forgot >.< I'm sure you were doing some dancing on the beach when you found out about the little one on the way ;- ) Shag on!

  12. Mary Ann Says:

    Congratulations!!!So happy for you and your family,Love your layout,Very pretty...

  13. Pat (mspfd) Says:

    Congratulations, Cely! What exciting news! Clever pages for all the grands.

  14. Billie A Says:

    Congratulations, this is wonderful news. congratulations to the whole family. Cherish this time as they grow up so fast. Hugs

  15. Kraftychick Says:

    Your life is SO ABOUT TO CHANGE!!!! It's a lovely time in life, but, beware, it can be exhausting!!!!! and why was it so much easier to ignore our kids whining and crying and so difficult when it's a grandchild - LOL! CONGRATS AND ENJOY!!!!!


  16. What exciting news Gwamma!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your page too!

  17. NanaConnie Says:

    What incredible news, Cely! Grandchildren are God's reward for not eating out own young. :-D Wonderful page and how terrific to think about as page for the grands and great-grands! Keep working on it, gal. You're doin' great!

  18. Congrats on the news, lucky you, great times ahead! Think of all the wonderful things you will be able to create for for the child: cards, boxes treat bag and on & on. Maybe I should say lucky kid!! Happy for you! Love the scrapbook pages!

  19. scrapn Says:

    Congratulations to Grandma & Grandpa & the parents to be!! That is wonderful news! Enjoy!!

  20. scrapn Says:

    PS LOVE the layout!! I think I will have to scraplift!!

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